[SOLVED] Unable to use imported Phonepe js script file

From what I see, your problem is not related to Playcanvas. You have an issue integratiing their service in a third party app. For that, you are probably better at Stackoverflow, or other community support pages.

My bad, it looks like you have to add the access control to the xhr request header.

Scroll down a bit on this page: https://www.moxio.com/blog/12/how-to-make-a-cross-domain-request-in-javascript-using-cors

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Ohh ok will check.

Well, I checked that according to it i supposed to use.


will check it…


Correct me if i am wrong.
So it is necessary to server to set:



Access-Control-Request- https://palycanvas.as

Then only it will be accessible for other domains?


So it means many api set


This way the api is publicly accessible. Am i right?

PhonePe support/forums should help you structure the request correctly to their spec.

I asked the same…
They said

It seems you are calling the API from the frontend. Please call the API through your backend server.

No worries will see what i can do.
Thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


Simply i can say that PhonePe works with playcanvas. :+1:t2:
PhonePe Tech Support help to resolve my issue. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much to playcanvas users and support team as well. :grinning:


I have an issue with PhonePe and javascript, I happened to google the issue and I found your thread [SOLVED] Unable to use imported Phonepe js script file where you describe the same issue that I am currently facing.
What I’m requesting is that if you can, please assist me with the issue, tell me what I can do to resolve mine just as you did.



Yes, i am ready to help.

But you need to explain what you are doing and how you are doing. So i can understand where you are facing the problem and accordingly i can help.

Code snippet, screen shot, error statement will be helpful to understand and solve the issue faster.