[SOLVED] Unable to have two scripts in one js

I used to be able to do this:

var a=pc.createScript("Script1");
var b=pc.createScript("Script2");

I used to be able to put them in one file and use both scripts. This is no longer possible. And even uploading a script doesn’t make it possible to select.
Is this a bug?

Hi @guzu,

What error are you getting when you try that?

I’ve tried uploading a .js file that contains multiple PC scripts, and it’s parsing without an issue. The p2-integration.js script:

@Leonidas well, try using them in a script component.

Seems to be working fine as well:

Thanks to your reply, I was able to figure it out. I was using a capital letter in one of the attributes.

That capital letter was causing all the trouble :sweat_smile:

Now I can finish my code XD

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Ah nice catch! Indeed all JS property/variable names are case sensitive.

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