[SOLVED] Unable to add HTML/CSS Menu

I have searched this forum and looked at a few of the demo projects like this:


I tried copying the example by doing the following:

  1. Creating a new element, adding a new script “ui.js”
  2. Creating a new HTML script asset named header.html
  3. Creating a new CSS script asset named style.css
  4. Coping the code from the example above to my project script assets (ui.js, html, css)

Still, when I run the code I get no errors and no UI. Also the attributes.add doesn’t appear to be working in my script because in my html+css element i don’t have the HTML and CSS attribute as pictured below:


My Project

Could anyone please give me the piece that I am missing? Here is my project:


Hi @Paul_Hill,

You’ve done everything right, the only thing you need in addition (and each time you add/update script attributes) is use the Parse button to have the editor pick up the new attributes:


That way you can drag and drop your UI assets in place.

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THANK YOU! I spent 4+ hours yesterday fiddling around and couldn’t get it working!

I think there is some unwritten rule about posting on the forum and then it magically starts working!

Thank you again!

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