[SOLVED] UI elements not visible in the Editor's 3D view

I am trying to create a 2D panel that will contain a set of buttons. I am unable to get the panel to become visible. I have created a 2D Screen, an Element Group, and an Image Element. I have set the anchors for both the Element Group and the Image Element to [0,0,1,1] (for now). I have set the color of the Image Element to light gray. I can’t see anything. What else do I need to do?

I can see the UI when I launch the app but it is completely invisible in the editor.

Also, applying a material to a UI element doesn’t seem to work.

It would definitely help if you could share a link to a scene that exhibits the problem you’re experiencing.

Just to close this out, a 3D plane was obscuring the UI elements in the Editor’s 3D view. Rotating the camera revealed the hidden UI elements.