[SOLVED] Type Error in Tweens.js?

I’ve been having lots of success utilizing tweens in my level, but as I near completion of one section I’m suddenly getting a “typeError: this.target is undefined” in the actual tweens.js (which I have not modified at all). I tried replacing the tween.js and while it altered the functions of my tweens (they ran shorter, for one thing) the problem persisted.


Click “0” and watch the pinsetter to summon the error. Any ideas?

hey, you were not getting the local position of the entity in this line (ResetDummies.js).

and that’s why target was null. I just set the position in the previous line and it worked fine.

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Ah, cool! Thanks so much. I just started learning coding last week, so I’m definitely muddling along. I never would have found that myself.

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