[SOLVED] Trouble using raycast for entities at specific position

So I’ve managed to get the physics close enough to how I want them, but for some reason, my raycastByTag script is not working on a specific entity. I have double checked and triple checked the tags, the colliders, the rigidbodies, etc, and everything is the same. I’ve even cloned a working object, and it won’t work in the problem position.

Here is the scene: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Using @yaustar’s devTools: yaustar.github.io/playcanvas-devtools at master · yaustar/yaustar.github.io · GitHub

I can even visually see the colliders being rendered, but all of the chips will fall on click except for the top left. I’m running out of debugging options so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @eproasim. I was playing with values in the web inspector and set the farClip to 3 and then all the chips were selectable.




Thank you so much! I hadn’t even considered the far clip as it was still beyond the board. I guess the angle was just right for it not to be captured by the raycast.

Thank you again!

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