[SOLVED] The '.element._text.text'-access of a text-list works at editor level, but not after publish

Hello, I am trying to access my pushed elements of at text-populated list.
It works ok at editor level, but not within a published version.
(cf https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/255#issuecomment-745080847 as well)

The following does not execute (where comScr is reference to another script, that does access the length of od1Of9SEND at least):
try{ this.preOpdeler = comScr.od1Of9SEND[i].element._text.text; console.log("SURP PRE: "+this.preOpdeler); }catch(err){}

This is my debug tries:

  try{    var preOpdelerT0 = comScr.od1Of9SEND[i].innerHTML; console.log("SURP PRE: opdT0:: "+preOpdelerT0);                      }catch(err){}
                 try{    var preOpdelerT1 = comScr.od1Of9SEND[i].element.textContent; console.log("SURP PRE: opdT1 :: "+preOpdelerT1);           }catch(err){}
                 try{    var preOpdelerT2 = comScr.od1Of9SEND[i].textContent; console.log("SURP PRE: opdT2:: "+preOpdelerT2);                      }catch(err){}

Found another way to access - closing/solved