[SOLVED] TANX can't be reached

TANX.io won’t respond, but every other game on Play Canvas works just fine. The page said that it “refused” to respond. What to do?

I believe he US servers are down.

Edit Scratch that, I’m having disconnect issues in the EU too :frowning:

Good news, @A_S_A_P - TANX is back!

Sorry it took so long. :wink:

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Hey @will,

My team and I were looking into various multiplayer options in PC for a project of ours. Could you please let me know what sort of framework you used in TANX?

Sure @DevilZ. The game’s backend was written in vanilla Node.js. No frameworks used. It’s deployed to AWS infrastructure. 3 regions: US + EU + Singapore.

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Any tutorials or similar on implementing this sort of a setup on PlayCanvas?