[SOLVED] Sprite Editor consistently loses information in Safari

Our designer has been struggling with the sprite editor. Apparently, after closing the editor window and then re-opening it, all the information is gone. You have to refresh the browser or open a different atlas in the editor before returning to the previous one to get the information back.

This happens consistently, but only in Safari (our designer works on a Mac). I’ve tested and verified the issue in Safari as well, but in Firefox the issue does not occur.

Hey @vaios - can you quickly verify this bug in Safari on your Mac please?

@Excess - sorry that this issue is affecting your team. Hopefully the workaround is OK for now - but also, your designer could maybe consider using Chrome or Firefox until it’s fixed.

Oh, actually, @Excess we have identified the issue in the codebase and we’ve now deployed a fix for you. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. Let us know if you see any further problems.

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Thanks, the fix is working here as well :+1:

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