[SOLVED] Spotlights are causing dramatic frame drop

I have a light-mapped tunnel in my game with around 25 spotlights in it. There were no issues earlier when tested the game but all of a sudden the frame rate drops from around 70 to less than 5 and the game crashes as soon as the player enters the tunnel. I have attached the inspector settings for the spotlights and tunnel. Please help me out with this.

Hi @yash_mehrotra,

Most likely it’s related to the following issue, the cause seems to have been identified:

@Leonidas When could we have this fixed? We have to make our game live this month.

I’m fairly certain they will do their best to release a patch today.

In the meantime you can use v1.60 to test/build your game.


And you can also find a setting in the editor (project settings) for changing your launch tab engine version:



we’ve just release 1.61.2 with the fix:

and will be promoting it to the Editor shortly as well.

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This is now released to the Editor (1.62.2)

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