[SOLVED] Sound component stop method not stopping unpreloaded asset

The SoundComponent stop() method should stop all slots.


It does stop if the audio asset is set to preload.
However if the audio asset is not set to preload the sound doesn’t stop.

Here is a test project

Hey @vaios - I think this is the problem I was facing with the mute button in the Star-Lord demo.

There’s a fix for this due next patch release.


In my test project the audio asset is about 30 seconds long and set to autoplay and loop. If I call stop after about 1 minute the audio doesn’t stop. Load must have finished, so I wondered if your fix will also fix this test case?

It’s easy to verify. Just run your scene with the latest ‘dev’ build of the engine:


Seems to have resolved it. We’ll deploy the patch within the next 48 hours (assuming we don’t uncover any issues during testing).


That’s a cool feature!

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Indeed it is! :smile: Read more here: