[SOLVED] Slow server today?

Things seem a bit… slow. Like unworkably so. Code editor loading, saving scripts takes up to 30secs, loading game on launch.playcanvas.com takes a long while too - I noticed this starting to happen yesterday; is there work taking place on the servers?

Seems fine on my end in the UK.

@dave Anything you know about?

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I’m UK too - thanks for the sanity check! Will once more clear cache, reboot router, perform the usual ceremonies…

…And the problem seems solved! Must have been at my end.


Hey inductible - we were seeing similar problems here too yesterday (UK also). That suggests it was a wider problem.
Also, we’re back to full speed again now, so … we’ll keep an eye on it.

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Yes, it’s back again - intermittent and debilitatingly slow load on launch.playcanvas.com, echoed by slow script load and save…

I thought my launches were a bit slow about 12 hours ago. In fact, I re-launched a few times when the load seemed to have stalled. FWIW, I think there was a lot more of this about 7-8 months ago - especially on weekends and more especially on Sundays here in Arizona. Overall responsiveness seems much better these days.

It seemed to resolve again for me after lunch; putting it down as an intermittent server load thing!