[SOLVED] Skyboxes Upside Down?

Has any one else noticed that their cubemaps for skyboxes have been flipped? They were working before, but it appears that now everything except top and bottom images have been flipped vertically.

Hi @eproasim,

Are you compressing the texture faces? This isn’t currently supported. Otherwise, can you share a project showing the issue?




Thank you! That’s exactly what it was. I had never compressed the skybox images until today. Removing compression fixed the issue. Thank you!

Ahh great. We plan to support compressed textures on the skybox, but not sure when. Thanks!

Quick workaround:

  • compress cubemap textures
  • swap the top and bottom faces
  • rotate the cubemap by 180 degrees (either Z or X axis) in editor or just put following snippet somewhere in your app’s code:
var rot = new pc.Quat();
rot.setFromEulerAngles(180, 0, 0);
pc.app.scene.skyboxRotation = rot;