[SOLVED] Server or internet issues

I am having issues importing FBX files, not sure if it’s out internet or the Play Canvas servers


Deleting isn’t working either to remove folders.
Just checking in case it’s server issues. Restarted Chrome a few times. Closed out everything and reopened

Switched to Firefox, same issues. Import progress bar goes, nothing is happening.

I’m not the only one, will wait until it’s fixed.


Hi Mike. I was wondering if you know how long this kind of thing takes to fix or if it’s a regular occurrence? I’m a new user working on a group project and our team loves the platform but we only have two weeks for our project so I’m wondering if you know from experience whether this will be an issue, or whether it is more like something that happens once a month and is down for half an hour?

Hi James,
Server glitches have happened to me randomly about 3 to 4 times including this one, mainly small annoying things like thumb nails not showing, minor importing issues. This is the first time I haven’t been able to work. Everything else was minor for the most part.

I sent an email to the support team and Dave to let them know. If I hear back before I go home soon I will update these posts.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

You’re welcome, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Everything is working for us now :slight_smile: