[SOLVED] Scrolling not working in Firefox

It seems like event.scroll results to 0 while doing it in Firefox, but not in Chrome or Edge - tested in both my own project and a new one with the model viewer starter kit.

MouseInput.prototype.onMouseWheel = function (event) {
    console.log(event.wheel); //always prints 0 in firefox
    this.orbitCamera.distance -= event.wheel * this.distanceSensitivity * (this.orbitCamera.distance * 0.1);

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I can confirm that. It seems to have started a couple of days ago though not sure what was the engine version that pushed this. @will @vaios

@ivodidutch, would you like to submit an issue on the engine repo about it?

Hi @ivodidutch,
How did u fix that?

thanks bro!

Hi @Diego_Locatelli_Tade,

That was a bug in the Playcanvas engine, a fix for that is coming pretty soon:

Yesterday, we deployed Engine v1.24.7 to production so this is now completely fixed: