[SOLVED] Safari IOS error setting colors to button element and texture's pixel


I am having troubles to make my application works in all the browsers. Mainly for Safari IOS. All the others browsers, including Safari for MAC OS, works very well.

Anyone can help me to realise what’s the problem.

The application read a pattern color (texture) and determine the number of colors and for each color found creates a button and assing that color to the element color of the button. But for ios the colors asigned to the buttons do not match with the colors found in the texture. Why ios change the colors?

The other problem found is that when i pick a new color to change the texture pixels, does not replace all the pixel colors in the texture.

Best regards.

SOLVED. i change the image type from jpg to png. Looks like png is better to keep the pixels information.

By the way. I like playcanvas a lot now. i am an Unity developer, but playcanvas for webgl works better for me.

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How odd that it only occurs on iOS :thinking: