[SOLVED] Rotation object in scene with some speed independently

Hi all,

Pls could someone to help me to figure out how to create scene with rotated object, for exaple shaft or smth similar, also is it possible to add button which will start and stop rotation of this object!?

Thank you for attnetion.

Hi @Ivan,

  • Create a new project based on the model viewer template
  • Grab the camera-auto-rotate script from this post you asked earlier:
  • Add a simple if statement to start and stop it, here I’ve done so for you using the keyboard S button:


Study the UI tutorials on how to add a button that triggers the if statement:


I just checked your scene of current topic, and this is solution of the previous topic,

I meant how to create scene in which object will rotate independetly on camera movement!?

Something like this? (If you ignore the VR AR part) https://playcanvas.com/project/460449/overview/webvr-ray-input

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Pls could you mark it as solved!?