[SOLVED] Rigidbody flies up

My entity with a rigidbody sometimes flies up (fast and high) after colliding with another rigidbody entity. It happends with all types of rigidbodies. I try to play with the settings but i can’t solve it. Does anybody know what can be the cause?

Try changing the mass/restitution. Could you share an editor link please @Albertos?

I already try to change these settings. If i change the mass i don’t see any change at all.

It makes no diffrent wich settings i choose, sometimes the entity flies up in straight line very high and fast and sometimes it react as excepted.

What are the good settings for a stone as big as a hand?

? I’ll take a look

I Will send a link in a privé message.


Here is a video of what sometimes happens:

How are you moving the grenade? Forces/velocity or by position?

First the stone has a kinematic rigidbody and follows a curveMode path. After colliding (and at the end of the path) i set the rigidbody type to dynamic.

That might be why. If a rigid body is suddenly in another rigid body when in dynamic mode, the physics engine will try to resolve it which can end up as a huge force.

In a nutshell, you would need to make the rigid body dynamic when it isn’t in another rigid body or have it as dynamic from the very start.

That sounds like a logical explanation. Thanks! I’m going to think about another way to do it.

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