[Solved] Rigid body doesn't fall to the ground

I have read tutorials/forum and tried to make my capsule falls to the ground , few hours later , still doesn’t works.

this is my scene https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/366112

I need more clues on this , please help .

There isn’t a collider on your capsule but I think it should still fall.

Edit: I think this is it - I just tested removing a collider from a rigidbody in my project and it stops working. SO try adding a collider component.

Is enable 3d physics in the project settings on (the settings page, but not in the designer - like where you set resolution)? I thought it was enabled by default but maybe not.

If it still doesn’t work; Can you link me to the project page so I can fork it and see if I could get it working?

Here is the link to the project page

check my edit about collider

It works , thank you very much :smile: