[SOLVED] Required specifications for operating in Android

Playcanvas doesn’t work from playcanvas default loader in my Nexus7 2012(Android5.1) .

But it works fine with Xperia Z3(And4.4) and AQUOS SHL23(And4.2) .
Also it works fine with Nexus7 2013(Android4.3) , Nexus9(Android5.1) in GenyMotion(Emulator) .

What is different thing between these Android devices?

And please tell me the required specifications for operating playcanvas with Android.

(These questions for WEB solution with mobile Chrome browser)

Thanks for reading.

If it not working anywhere at all, or in some demos it does, and some doesn’t?

Could you post screenshot of http://webglreport.com/ from that device?
And what browser you are using, is it any browser (native, chrome, firefox)?

It could be it is running out of RAM for some reason, but it has 1Gb, so it shouldn’t.

Thank you, max.

Exactly, you’re right.
Nexus7 is not here now, so I’ll try to test other projects later.
Also the screenshots.

Browser is mobile Chrome.(I force to use only Chrome on Android to my customers)

Certainly, my nexus7 has 1GB RAM, but it works incredibly slow…:sweat:

I tried out the two projects in two nexus7 2012, but both of projects didn’t work.
(One nexus7 is Android4.3, another one is Android 5.1)

Test projects are followings.


Sorry, I forgot to send the screenshots from webglreport.
So, I attached the screenshots.
There are some errors in the previews from playcanvas editor(online).







I tried out same projects in XperiaZ2 Tablet(Android4.4.2/real device), it works fine.
Maybe, it’s a individual problem of nexus7.



[XperiaZ2_project1_hosting] (<- Loading gauge works fine)

Still need those screens using those devices.

These are screenshots of webglreport on Nexus7 2012.



It’s an problem of nexus7 2012, just as I thought.
I have no choice.

However, I can know a useful site to check the required specs of playcanvas, thanks to you.
I will use it to my customers.

Thanks a lot, max.

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