[SOLVED] Random items exclude some results

Hi, is there a way to exclude an item from a json list where i pick up a random one?
Example i want to exclude the items there the attribute special=1. Is there a way?

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Hi @ayrin,

That’s quite easy if you are using ES6 Javascript:

// --- items will contain only objects that don't have a special attribute or its value is !== 1
const items = myList.filter( (o) => {
   return o.special !== 1;

If you are targeting ES5 JS you can rewrite it using a regular loop and an if statement to populate your array.

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thx @Leonidas i will use you es6 example, today i will be slow, my right shoulder is totally out of service :frowning:


@Leonidas it works perfectly, now special items will be available just by solving quests :wink: thanks

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