[SOLVED] Question about Fog performance

Is the built in fog better performance wise than using multiple planes with alpha ?

Using planes I have more control, like using a gradient for the fog, but I’m not sure if it hurts the performance more than using the built in fog

@mvaligursky or @slimbuck would be in the best place to answer.

From my understanding it would be more optimal as with multiple planes with alpha, there will be a lot of overdraw on the screen

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Built in for is really cheap, its just a few per vertex and per pixel operations.

Doing additional planes / particles and similar have potentially a lot higher cost, but its often visually a lot nicer. The cost is especially high here on mobile, you need to be pretty mindful, as memory access is limited there. On PC, most games do some kind of additional planes and similar, but often employ custom solutions like rendering those into a lower resolution buffer and blending those on top, and custom lighting and similar, to get the best effect.


Thanks a lot for the replies @yaustar and @mvaligursky !