[SOLVED] Programatically convert fbx to json for playcavas


Hello lovely people,

Is there a program/API/code/library to convert any of the source file formats(fbx/obj/dwg) into playcanvas’s json format ?

I know it can be done manually by dragging and dropping in the playcanvas editor. But I’m using playcanvas in a way that needs to be integrated to take in any one of the 3D source format to automatically do the transformation.
At the very least I just need the 3D mesh (for now I can live without textures and materials) imported into playcanvas application. I’d love to hear if anyone’s done any work on this and can share that.

Thanks <3

Convert FBX to JSON by code at runtime?
Convert FBX to JSON by code at runtime?

Have you considered using this:

Together with this:



Thanks @will. I think this might just work !