[SOLVED] Problems with VideoTexture

Your link and mine are different. But it doesn’t really matter because my linked app does seem to have a problem…

I forked your project, then published it :thinking:

So @halvves pointed out to me that this is because published apps are served within an iframe and that iframe requires allow="autoplay" to work. Read more:

We’ll look to clean all this up next week if we can. :smile:

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Ok, playcanv.as deployments now have allow="autoplay" in the iframe… so this should be resolved now. I just ran Will’s demo on all browsers Mac/iOS and video was playing swimmingly. Let me know if this works for you all now!

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Note, @Mal_Duffin, that your fork might have some inconsistencies (occasionally not autoplaying) on Chrome. I discovered some issues where the muted attribute doesn’t always properly set the muted property in Chrome (very strange browser bug, maybe), so I switched Will’s demo to directly set all the video element’s properties instead of html attributes and was able to get a properly autoplaying video 100% of the time.

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