[SOLVED] Problem with publishing

In editor everything is good
But when i tries to publish a build (on playcanvas or self build) build is old and not last version, what is the problem?
Reimport to other project doesnt help

I believe that @yaustar will help :slight_smile:

Hi @wazti,

I am thinking that maybe you pushed the build correctly, but you haven’t selected it to be the primary build.

Observe the grey/orange ribbons on the left of each build in this screenshot. Clicking on a grey ribbon will promote it to orange, that would be the active build that your PlayCanvas url will load.

About your self hosting problem though, I am not sure what’s the issue. Maybe your server caches the older build and you need to clear your browser’s cache.

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My apologies for disturbing, there were local development issues that made it look like the build is old)

The problem was resolved, and thanks to the developers of playсanvas for such a cool and powerful web engine!

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