[SOLVED] Positioning collision component

Hi guys,

Great engine, amazing that it runs straight in the browser and even better that its so fast.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to position my collision component correctly, i can’t see any options that would allow me to do so in the component itself.

So for example if we take the pumpkin model, create an entity and add the model in, once i add a collision component, say a sphere, i can’t position that sphere collision component to match the extent and position of the entity.

So it ends up becoming a little bit lob-sided with the collision poking out from underneath:

Usually you would do that by having two Entities. One with the collision and one with the model. You can then position them independently. You can make one a parent of the other so that manipulating the parent will move both.



That makes a lot more sense. I’ve been so used to just piling on components on the root object i did not think about doing something like that.