[SOLVED] PlayCanvas EditorTools is not work on my project

I try to use the PlayCanvas EditorTools to load glb object on playcanvas editor.

I install the tools successed(chrome), and I can make sure it be work on sample project(Loading glTF GLBs).

But when I try to use the tools on my project, it can’t work.
I maked a same project with sample project or a new project, it don’t work also.

I got error message on console like this:

injected.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Oe.post is not a function
at bt (injected.js:1:11120)
at l (VM2519 injected.js:1:8703)
at ct (VM2519 injected.js:1:8403)
at dt (VM2519 injected.js:1:9167)
at qt (VM2519 injected.js:1:14512)
bt @ injected.js:1
l @ VM2519 injected.js:1
ct @ VM2519 injected.js:1
dt @ VM2519 injected.js:1
qt @ VM2519 injected.js:1
Promise.catch (async)
(anonymous) @ VM2519 injected.js:1
n @ VM2519 injected.js:1
(anonymous) @ VM2519 injected.js:1
(anonymous) @ VM2519 injected.js:1


I don’t know what I missed.
What different between my project and sample?

It can work on sample project by my chrome.

yaustar PlayCanvas Editor Tools:

My project:

Hi @n.katsu and welcome, calling @yaustar on this :innocent:

Hi, Leonidas

Thank you very much!

Your test project works for me

Hi, yaustar

Realy?! Thank you for test my project
Em…, weird…
I still got the error on my project but it can work on sample

Why ><

Sorry, if I can’t reproduce the issue I can’t really say what’s wrong. Maybe you have other Chrome extensions/user scripts that are conflicting?

Hi, yaustar

I think I found the problem.
I found when I access my scene by link, the tool was working.
But when I start the scene from project home, still got error.
May be the problem is project home? Hope it is helpful.
Anyway, I can use it now.
Thank you very much.