[SOLVED] PlayCanvas demo page query parameters?


I have been deconstructing the BMWi treatment here:

It dawned on me that its using a query parameter. Is this something supported by the Playcanvas demo page? I know that this could be done in the scripts by finding itself and getting its .src but was curious if this was a set of features built in.

If so, can you point out the documentation that describes what options are available and what they control please? If it doesnt already exist, I will review the core source for any hints at a later time.


There is no built-in query parameters built-in to engine. There are some for different pages, like playcanv.as supports overlay query, to hide bottom panel, or Editor and Launcher supports use_local_engine to load JS engine file from localhost for testing and debugging process when working with engine development.

But there are no generic query arguments defined for engine it self. It is app specific and down to developer to write such logic.

Browser has window.location object, that has search parameter on it, that can be used to access query string. Then it down to developer to parse it and make sense of it’s parameters.

That all makes sense to me, and the technique for looking at the DOM to find stuff also makes sense.

Thanks Max!