[SOLVED] PlayCanvas can't load my game

I am trying to test my game to see if I scripted it correctly and all I see after it loads up is this

does anyone know why this is happening? or how to fix this.

I went to a previous checkpoint and it loaded

Hi @Linkplayer!

Looks like the scene was deleted or something like that.

but I did not delete any scenes

How do you reproduce it? Does it load fine in the Editor but then you cannot launch it from there?

it loads in the editor but every time I launched it is showed it, I went to a previous checkpoint and it worked fine, but I want to know what to do if it keeps happening now

Can you share the editor link of your project please?

I have it working now but here PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Alright, what was the problem?

before going back to a previous checkpoint it would not load my pages, saying they did not exist

Alright, so you solved it by restoring to a checkpoint, but you didn’t find the cause.

Thank you.