[SOLVED] playcanvas的发布微信加载的问题(BUG)

这两天发布程序发现无法在微信中的浏览器中正常打开。以前发布的例子可以正常打开。并且发布官网的例子也是无法正常打开。所以请问最近两天playcanvas是否有什么比较重要的关于发布这块儿的更新?导致在微信/手机的浏览器产生了兼容问题?https://playcanv.as/b/DZHeFxXg/ 这个是个空场景。但是还是无法在微信中打开。请问有人同样遇到这个问题么?

I don’t think it’s a caching problem. I tested with my colleague’s mobile phone. Someone else is normal, but most of the new compilers are still wrong. However, the previous compilation is OK. So I still think it’s a compatibility issue. Or what updates have been compiled recently that lead to problems with Android mobile version support?

as this;

The problem now is that part of the project can be opened normally in the mobile browser. WeChat’s browser can open the project that was released 2 days ago. Now the newly released can not be opened, even if there is nothing in the project. So I think it might be compatible with BUG

Continuing the discussion from Entity specific material not rendering on mobile:

The model I rendered on my cell phone showed abnormal for two days.
This is the previous effect

I wonder if you have modified the more important rendering part?

The most serious is the new empty scene, some of which can not be opened now.

I don’t know where the problem is.

This is a problem on a mobile browser。
Can anyone answer it?

Did you make modifications to the mobile browser?

You’re great, this bug has been repaired!!
thinks very much!!

The pubilish this morning can be opened normally
(I can’t reply here, there is no reply button, so it can only be written here.)

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ok, I don’t know chinese or japanese

what seems to be the problem though, and can someone reply to me for translation about this problem

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Google Translator says:

The two-day release program found that it was unable to open properly in the WeChat browser. Previously released examples can be opened normally. And the official website example is not open. So does the playcanvas have anything more important to release this update in the last two days? Caused a compatibility problem in the WeChat/Mobile browser? https://playcanv.as/b/DZHeFxXg/3 This is an empty scene. However, it still cannot be opened in WeChat. Does anyone have the same problem?

Maybe WeChat caches something?..


maybe it does cache something. although I never heard of wechat @freekite090 but I am not sure if I will get the same problem

I heard, it is a widely used messanger/social network in China.

But I can’t register there, terrible.

o maybe that is why I don’t know about it. @anon49240888 do you know anything about wechat and this problem

I’m sorry, my English is bad. I encountered a problem, the project posted on the browser of the mobile phone can not be displayed normally, but it is normal in the computer. So I guess it’s because of the modification or upgrade of these two days, which leads to compatibility of mobile browser?

Does it use webkit or whatever?

Internet explorer core?