[SOLVED] Playcanvas-ar not working sometimes

I have read all topics about playcanvas ar issue, not none of them can help, so I am sorry if this topic is similar to others.

I just forked a sample playcanvas ar project and did some tests. I found that everything works fine in these situations:

  1. ‘Launch’ it directly, works both on iOS safari and PC chrome with a webcam

  2. Publish it on Playcanvas server, works fine.

  3. Download it and run locally on a PC chrome with a webcam (url is ‘localhost:xxxx://xxxx/xxx…’).

However, the web page remains ‘Grey’ after loading progress and even not asking camera permission in these situations:

  1. Download it and run locally on a PC but access through LAN with IP address (url is like 192.168.x.x:xxxx://xxx/xxx…)
  2. Download it and deploy it on my own server (url is http://xxxx.com/xxx/xxx)

And I didnt find any error or warning in console.

I have a guess that it may relate to security issues since both launch.playcanvas.com and playcanvas.as is a https link.

Could anyone help?

Sounds right https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton/issues/4319

Thank you, seems like i need a https website