[SOLVED] PlayCanvas 0.215.0 2caad3e breaks tweens


This happened a few minutes ago, I was working using in a released project that uses a lot of tweens like this:

            var tweenIn = this.entityMenuHolder.tween(this.entityMenuHolder.getLocalScale()).to({x: 1.0, y: 1.0, z: 1.0}, durationIn, pc.BackOut).on('complete', function () {

                // do something

And suddenly they stopped working. I observed that a new version of the engine has been uploaded to the editor, 0.215.0 2caad3e.

So I download a web build and run the app with yesteday’s build, 0.214.2 revision d250471. And as expected all tweens work.

Is there something that we should update in our codebase? Really hope not!


Hey there,

You just need to get the latest tween.js from here:

This should fix it.

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Great, thanks Vaios!