[SOLVED] Plane Jump Issue

Hi I’m Developing a multiplayer game and I have setup the ability to jump from a plane to the play area. It works just fine when testing with 1 player but for some odd reason when you add a second player all players will freeze in the air after jumping and the game will lock up is there any way to fix this

Hi @WilliamBoersma31! Seeing your code or project would be helpful for this type of questions.

Hi @Albertos Here is the Launch of the scene(open in 2 tabs to start it or press y to test start on your own)
Redacted (No Longer Important)

Here is the client side net code
Redacted (No Longer Important)

and Here is the server side net code
Redacted (No Longer Important)

The only keys that do something are ‘E’ and ‘T’ as far I have seen. Please share also a link to your (local) jump function as I can’t find it.

I managed to get it to stop crashing by having it turn off the movement instead of the player which works fine but when I go to turn the movement back on it just doesn’t work
here is the plane code

Oh wait, you mean jump from the airplane. I thought a plane as a primitive.

In which sene is the PLAYER entity below?

var entity = this.app.root.findByName('PLAYER');

lol yeah I meant jump from the airplane not the primitive and it’s in OnlineTest (the one that the launch link refers to)

it’s odd it was working fine until a second player joined then the movement turned back off

I think I figured it out it seems to be an issue with the Server side net code which I think I fixed.

if you would like to join to help me test it would be greatly appreciated

never mind

Update I identified the issue causing the problem it just took me a couple attempts to get it to work

The issue was I had the start command going over and over again causing the movement to turn back off all I had to do was put an if statement client side that said

if (this.Started == false) {



To get it to work

Great. I see it works. Good job!

thanks now I just got to work on the net code some more so that it will choose loot spawns and the plane start position/rotation