[SOLVED] Particle System Textures Appear Pixelated

I’m seeing the following with particle systems:

Particle System on PC

Particle System on iPhone

Particle texture put on a flat plane on iPhone (AR backdrop)

Currently I’ve messed around with the mipmap, filtering and anisotropy. Is there any inherent down-sampling or graphics setting change that comes with using particle systems on mobile? If so is there a way to get this looking closer to what I’m seeing on PC?

Is this with a texture for each particle image, or a texture with multiple frames?

My first thought is whether it is to do with device pixel ratio but it doesn’t look like the background is as pixelated.

Would you be able to share a test project?

Also, is this a power of 2 or square power of 2 texture?

Making the textures powers of 2 made it look great! Thanks for the help!

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Awesome, thanks for coming back to us on that!

As Safari only supports WebGL1, it’s best to use power of 2 textures whenever possible.

You can also force WebGL1 when in Chrome via the Launch button menu :slight_smile: