[SOLVED] Overlapping sounds distorted

Hi, please help.

When I play a second sound to overlap with the first I get a distorted noise.

Ive reimported sound, also converted to WAV (from MP3) and tried that…
also tried a different sound file
also tried putting the second sound file on a seperate entity - still same problem
also tried stopping the first sound and just playing the second - but second is still distorted…

Ive tried again in a clean project with the same sound files and the problem doesnt exist -

any ideas?

[ the full project is here, you have to tap through 5 stages to end when the problem arises: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/569838 . audio control in cameraPath.js, line 117 + ]

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It’s ‘distorted’ because you are playing the sound every frame once you are in that state.


yaustar to the rescue!

and a great big DOH from me.
calling .play in the update loop - i mean.
well you live and learn
thanks :wink:

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