[SOLVED] Online-mode/uploaded. Temporary bug?


While exporting my project I suddenly get this console-error (at online-versions):

__start__.js:152 Uncaught ReferenceError: PRELOAD_MODULES is not defined
    at __start__.js:152
    at __start__.js:158


Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

Sorry about this, we are in the process of rolling out new features.

This should be fixed now, could you try again?



Ok - what ever it takes. On what level is the temp alterations - do I have to refresh my online project only, or should I re-compile again and then upload?

PS: If you are one of the developers, please fix the the mousedrag-issue in the editor, where a new scene sometimes gets loaded (very annoying)


Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

A simple re-export should do the trick.

Can you please explain the editor issue in more detail? I haven’t seen this myself or heard of it before. If you can help me reproduce the issue, perhaps someone can take a look.



ok, thanks - reproduction:

  1. Have 2 or more scenes in a project
  2. Hold down mousewheel on (at least) the perspective view interface section
  3. Move the camera within this editor window on order to slide-change the perspective

result: many times the scene will halt for some seconds thereafter to return with another scene in the project
(also wonder if it is browser related: If so I use Chrome)


Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

I have asked around and no one seems to have encountered this issue before. I myself can’t reproduce it. Are you able to take a video of the issue and post it by any chance?



Does not appear on my laptop - must be related to the GPU on my workstation, as sole bug-producer (can live with it … I guess)