[SOLVED] My space is full. How to delete CHECKPOINTS?

It is not possible to delete individual checkpoints. Deleting the project will free all the checkpoint space.

As checkpoints are still in testing we haven’t yet updated storage limits to balance the use of checkpoints. I have increased your storage limit to free up more space.

Thanks for helping us test Checkpoints.

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Thanks for your replying .

Hello @dave, I am having the exact same issue as Tong with checkpoints. I would like to get rid of some of the checkpoints I have – to be honest I overused them, not knowing that they would be permanently attached to my project. I would like to rebase the project, but I don’t have enough room. Is there a way I could be given more space so I could fork the project, then delete the old project? I am a subscribing user of Playcanvas. Is there another way around this such as downloading the project, then reuploading it?

Thanks so much.

I’ve messaged you offline about this.

@dave same thing happened to me also.

if you could help fast, i need to finish my game for a school project.

@will might be able to help you on this.


I’ve sent you a DM.

It might be useful to have this as public knowledge.

Would one solution be to fork the project, and delete the old one?

@Mal_Duffin I’ve just been bumping storage quotas on request for now.

We are experiencing this same issue. We’ve been developing a professional tool for a paying client, and as such we have consistently used the ability to make a checkpoint. Unfortunately, 5 gigs of our payed 10 gig account has been taken up by this project. All of our 10 gigs are now used up by all the projects!
We’d like to experiment now with creating local backups, removing projects and creating a fresh duplicate of them, but we don’t the space to do so. Any chance someone can help us out?

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@will can step in and help you out with this.

We’re also experiencing this. We are evaluating PlayCanvas for use for a client project and we’ve run into the checkpoint related “show-stopper” as well. We can’t do any more work in our project because what should be only 42MB in disk space has ballooned to 220MB after only two checkpoints. Could we get some help please? Thanks!

[EDIT] I’ve just sent an email to your support address as suggested in this post:

@steveEXC I have increased your storage so you can continue your evaluation. Enjoy!

Im also getting chewed up by checkpoints.

They are a great addition, we just need the ability to clear or merge the older ones.

What’s your PlayCanvas username @Evan_Wages?

evansjaw is my username, thanks.

Hi, Will!
Would it be possible to extend my account space (username LMEEKEN) to accommodate checkpoints? I accidentally created one by reflexively hitting ctrl+s in the editor to save progress.

I’m in the process of modifying a project in my free personal account to use as a template for kids on some educational accounts with more space (thanks again for helping us set those up!). So even if the extra space on this account were just temporary, that would be a help!