[SOLVED] My model starts off position

I have a model of a segment of a cake. This model has an animation that I have to play when I try to cut the cake…

Well the problem is that there are 9 segments and 8 of them are working fine except one, that has one little problem.

It’s positioned floating around instead of being in the cake. Like the others. The animation works perfectly in every segment included this one. But dunno why playcanvas is positioning this one like that. The position values are 0 in xyx and rotation too, in every segment.

I know I could try to rotate myself the segment and position it in the cake but then the animation doesn’t look like it should.

Can you share a link to the project please?


I’ve downloaded the FBXs and can’t see anything that is immediately wrong. The animation itself looks right too :thinking:

@Leonidas Any idea on this? Is it an exporter option from Blender etc? All the thumbnail previews look wrong too.

Edit: It’s segment 2 in the project.

Hey @Visama @yaustar,

Ah right, I think the issue is Blender will place the model initially at the frame it was when you exported it. If you move the slider in Blender timeline at 0 frame to have segment flat and export, the issue is fixed:


I’m going to tell the designer right now. Thank you for the help @Leonidas and @yaustar

EDIT: Yup, now it’s working fine, thank you again.

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