[SOLVED] My game won't shoot

Do you use a different branch maybe? Other users are only be able to see the main branch.

oh yeah i created a branch here’s the updated one PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Other users are unable to see another branch. You need to merge the branch first.

here I merge it already

DACILLO_MNMTECO | Editor (playcanvas.com)

Sorry, I still see the same.

i already merge it but when I try to view it with my other account it just show the old one. instead of the current one can i add you instead on my project?

Are you sure you merged it the right way? Anyway, you can add me. My username is the same.

Thank you, I already added you

It seems there is a problem with the collision script on your bullet template. Please try to remove it from your template and add it again.


did it but nothing happened

It looks like there are two script with the same name or something like that.


It works now thank you so much for your help I really do appreciate it

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