[SOLVED] Model-viewer 4.7.0

Did a new model-viewer version (4.7.0) just got released to the public html viewer? Somehow the new viewer is drastically re-interpreting the scale of our GLTF models. (e.g.
PlayCanvas glTF Viewer)

I have a few old chrome tabs with the old version (4.6.0) and the scale is fine.
Thank you!

Yes, the viewer was updated yesterday, I believe. Calling @slimbuck for help on this one.

Hi @Plague_Poppets, I probably changed this unintentionally and shall take a look forthwith!!

@Plague_Poppets please can you press keyboard β€˜F’ to focus the camera on the model after load till we have this fixed.

(The issue is that on the first frame skinned objects have incorrect bound so the camera isn’t being placed correctly when loading skinned objects).

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This has been deployed. Please let me know if have any other issues!

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Yes, that did it.
Thank you for the quick turn-around.

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