[SOLVED] Model not showing in Runtime

Hi. I’m trying to show assets using runtime. but seems like I’m missing some important coding, would like to ask how can I use any asset using this script. thanks in advance


Hi @Genesis_Miranda,

Try changing this:

var entity = new pc.Entity();
var self = this;

self.entity.enabled = true;

// Add a Component to the Entity
var modelAsset = this.app.assets.get(64702342);
entity.addComponent("model", {
    type: "asset",
    asset: modelAsset

To this (using the asset name, instead of id, since that can break when forking the project):

    var self = this;
    var modelAsset = this.app.assets.find('Iron_Man_Mark_44_Hulkbuster_fbx.glb');

    modelAsset.ready(function () {
        self.entity.model.asset = modelAsset;


It works, thank you!

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