[SOLVED] Maximum connected users

Hello everyone,
I’m planning to hold a PlayCanvas workshop for 17yo students.
The idea is that, in the first part of the workshop itself, students will navigate a scene (as hosts) while I explain the basics of material editing.

Do anyone have experience in having about 20 connected persons in the same scene? What is the maximum number of simultaneous connections?

Thanks in advance,

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I don’t have an answer for you regards the max number of users in a single scene but I can suggest that in the worse case scenario, an unlisted YouTube stream (ie accessible by URL only) could be a good backup.

Hello yaustar,
streaming is not a problem (we will be using Zoom or Discord for that).
The basic idea is that, while I will be explaining, students will start using their editor camera in my scene to get the basics.
Next they will be editing their own scene.

Anyway, I guess I’ll try with about 20 students and see what happens :wink:

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In all honesty, I’m not sure if there’s a max for the number of users who can be in the same scene, as I never really ever had 20 people in the same scene. I’m pretty sure it’s possible, and in the worst case, it’ll cause some lagging, but as I said, I really don’t know and I’m just speculating. Also, if your students have ever used something like Unity, they should be able to understand the editor quite easily. If not, it is still easy to understand the editor.

Just a small update: I just held the workshop and I had 19 students connected (and a test user of mine).
Everything went smoothly.


Thanks for the feedback, good to know that the system can handle 20 users on the same scene at the same time :grimacing:

I think the real question is: what’s the limit? :thinking: