[SOLVED] Materials inverted

I will create issue but just trying to make sure, if it’s normal. With new version some materials are inverted, some of them are the same

  • Shouldn’t we get some sort of notification about this change?
  • I wish there was an option to replace material with new standards.
  • Is this is a bug?

We can fix it with changing material tiling Y vector to the “-1” and fix it. But instead, we are going to use old engine version.

Sorry about this @commention

We removed support for old GLBs that were generated with invalid UVs with engine 1.53.2. These GLBs would only be generated in a small couple month window a couple of years ago when converting to GLB was in beta.

The FBXs would need to be reimported to have the correct UVs set.

  • Shouldn’t we get some sort of notification about this change?

Yes, we dropped the ball on this one :frowning:

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That’s super wrong, now we need to find broken models, and replace all of them one by one. The problem is we don’t know which one is old one, which is new, an artist needs to take a look to the all of the meshes one by one.

Please iterate your pipeline on this kind of mistakes.

  • Notify users about hard core changes, before making changes.
  • Provide necessary tools to make migration easier.

Also I’m going to create an issue now, engine selection doesn’t work on editor, also shows only previous version.

Sorry, what do you mean by the engine selection doesn’t work on the Editor? The options look correct on our side:

Setting previous engine version doesn’t fix my editor view, I still see broken materials, after refreshing page it sets the current engine. What exactly engine version is doing if it’s not changing the editor and if it doesn’t work after refresh (which you can’t set engine without refresh I believe)?

You can try appending this to your editor url, and then reload:

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Thanks that worked, but still, I believe we should also fix editor version @Leonidas :smiley:

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Ah, I see. The Engine version option in the editor settings is only for the launch tab, not the Editor view.

It would make sense for it to work in the editor as well :thinking:

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It’s under “Editor” section, so yeah from UX perspective that would make more sense.

The only downside, is that it would require the Editor to be refreshed when changed

Yeah I believe, a little note there would be enough for everyone, I mean that’s what I literally do after changing that option, I refreshed page, everyone probably would guess that they need to reload it.

Notification : “Please reload your page to apply changes”

Had a quick chat with the team and the reason why we didn’t do this in the first place was that we couldn’t guarantee that the Editor would work with anything but the current version of the engine. Eg certain APIs may be used

Using an old version of the engine could lead to unexpected behaviour with the Editor.

Hi @commention,

Sorry for the trouble you’re having with this, I can only imagine your frustration. TBH there are more of these old glbs in the wild than we anticipated.

We’re going to revert the change and release an engine update soon as we can.



This should now be fixed.

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