[SOLVED] Manifest not loading at playcanv.as

  • can this be something I (the user) is responsible for, before publishing?

Seems to be a bug on our side with the /b link. Looks like a forward slash is missing

/p links are fine and not loading the manifest file is generally not an issue AFAIK

actually sort of my bad - got impatient and loaded the publish prematurely (due to very long waiting periods I sometimes do that … and many times with no problem, as the files becomes ready a minute before ‘the actual go signal’ → this time, too early though)

PS kind of same minute Editor issue as this:

where the check mark almost always is wrongly placed (should be on current) … but don’t know if I should make this an ‘Editor issue’ post (? … can live these smaller things)

I can’t remember what the logic is for this but there are already tickets on the Editor about this dialog box that you can comment on with your feedback

I think the logic is selecting the first scene in the scene list which is typically the first one in alphabetical order