[SOLVED] Loading issues

I’m getting different loading issues every time I launch my game, and nothing has changed. I’m the only one working on it. Is playcanvas being updated right now?

I get things like ‘ammoRayStart is undefined’ and other playcanvas-stable.dbg.js errors, one minute my game will work fine, I relaunch exactly the same game, get errors again. The game won’t find scripts attached to models via components for example during one launch, but will the next.

At any given time for the past 1-2 hours, my game has been taking either about 1 minute to 10+ minutes to load. VERY sporadic load times. And no, my bandwidth is not being used by something else like downloads, and yes, my internet is very fast, and I have launched this game many times, it should never take more than a minute.

We’ve been having similar issues, must be some problems on with the PlayCanvas servers

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