[SOLVED] Load of 'virtual' JSON data-chunk on a FBX-file?

Having read threads on this issue, I am aware that GZIP-set webhotels is an advantage.
But I am still wondering; if my initial FBX-file is 1.1 mb:

  • and its JSON-chunk after import is more than 5 mb (actually more than 9 mb after AUTO-UNWRAP), how does it affect the loading?
    As these models can be set to preload on-and-off, some info on the total load-strain could be nice :slight_smile:
    Will the FBX above load a, factual, data size of;
  • 1.1 mb
  • 5 mb
  • or 9 mb?

What are webhotels?

To get an accurate read on the download size, just use the browser dev tools while your app is loading. In the network tab you can monitor the exact size after GZIP compression is enabled.

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hmm not sure what they are called abroad/in eur. or elsewhere (sometimes weird danish/english words gets invented by companies … in good faith but not always correct ‘translation’)
Anyways: a ‘web hotel’ is merely a web provider’s sold/rentalled server package (data space, number of domains, Node.js support etc)

But thanks regarding devtools - will check it out

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Ok, so to the future thread-interested. I have gone through all of my assets (not just heavy FBX-files), and ticked off preload on materials, textures and what not.

From a combined load of 165-167 mb and a preload time of 25-35 seconds, I went much lower (some tries as low as 4.5 mb and a preload time of 3-6 secs … which even seems quite Chrome dependent [I am currently having 45-55 tabs open]) ->> all in all much more satisfactory, for this Mobile version of my project, where timeouts are much lower/frequent