[SOLVED] Load Model From URL

I want to load some models in my application

but I really do not

Hi @gyk and welcome! Below some video tutorials about importing a model.

I see in your topic title that you want to do this from an URL, I leave this question for someone else.

I see the code,
//app.loader.getHandler(“model”).addParser(new pc.ObjModelParser(app.graphicsDevice), function (url, data) {
return (pc.path.getExtension(url) === ‘.obj’);

    var url = "../assets/models/monkey/monkey.obj";

    app.assets.loadFromUrl(url, "model", function (err, asset) {
        entity = new pc.Entity();
        entity.model.model = asset.resource;

you look look

Can you share a project of the issue that you are having please?

thank you!! I can loading glb now,