[SOLVED] Learning WebGL coding

What do you suggest me to read, if I want to understand the workings OpenGL in relation to Playcanvas?
I have for instance this piece of litterature: http://uniguld.dk/wp-content/guld/DTU/webgrafik/0321902920_WebGL.pdf

  • which seems a tad off.

The code is inline of the HTML, and .colorBuffer is referred to as:
var vertexColorBuffer = gl.createBuffer();

  • and so on.

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

I’ve found in the past this site quite useful: https://webglfundamentals.org/

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nice - will try it out

[SOLVED] for now, as I just needed to get going … and @Leonidas has definitely taken the ‘right course’ into this jungle :slight_smile:

  • other sources are off course welcome as well
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