[SOLVED]Large error margin for wheel game

I’m trying to debug my prize wheel game and make it so that it stops within a specific area I have predetermined. Nothing changes between the tests I run, but I still end up with the wheel stopping outside of the desired area more often than it stops within the area.
The spinWheel.js and spinManager.js control when the wheel begins to slow, and by how much when the pearls “hit” the pointer.
Here is a link to the whole project as well: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/592656

NOTE: it is currently set up to start with the pointer in the 2.5K area, and to end in the 20K area. It usually ends up somewhere in the 150K or 5K areas, and on occasion the 500K area. If the wheel stops and the pointer ends up pointing sideways consider it in the area to the left, I am working on implementing something to rotate the wheel back so the pearl is outside of the pointer trigger zone.