[SOLVED] Issue: Cannot Export Build

Hello, I am having some issues exporting a build from the playcanvas editor.

PlayCanvas Project: Project

Here is the error

I’ve seen in the other forums that an asset can be causing the issue but I don’t see anything popping up in the console.

The build (obviously) runs fine when you test it, you just can’t export it?

Also: Your link to your project is incorrect, please correct it!

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Hey TheCodeCrafter,

Thanks for the reply. The build works when testing, it just simply won’t build to a Zip or to PlayCanvas. That was the correct link to the project, I have to keep the project set to private, so it may not be visible to non-admin.

Well there wasn’t much point of linking it then, was there? :rofl:

Well, your best bet is to see if you can remove some of the high-intensity models (disable them), and perhaps see if it loads then?

I’m afraid there’s not much I can do without seeing the project, but I’m sure one of the admins will come along to help you eventually!

Got the same error some days ago. What fixed it for me was removing from the project settings the custom splash screen I had in place.

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Please add user ‘merihprod’ to your project and he’ll debug the issue.

OK, we think we have resolved this. Can you test and verify for me please?

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Hey Will,

Its Resolved! I took a break and came back to a bunch of response. I am able to make a new build now. I am super sorry everyone, I didn’t think people would respond so quickly.


Yay! I’m glad things are OK now. :slight_smile:

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:smiley: Good luck with your project, Charles!